CES 2017: USA Technologies Announces MORE. Vending Machine Loyalty Integration with Apple Pay

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Self-serve retail player USA Technologies on Thursday announced it will soon offer Apple Pay integration with its MORE. loyalty program in over 300,000 vending machines across the United States.

CES 2017: USA Technologies Announces MORE. Vending Machine Loyalty Integration with Apple Pay

Following the integration, unattended operators will be able to offer an enhanced experience to their customers using Apple Pay, which is transforming mobile payments with an easy, secure and private way to pay that’s fast and convenient. In turn, consumers making a purchase will be able to take advantage of exclusive offers, promotions and discounts toward future purchases at participating self-serve machines connected to USAT’s ePort Connect platform. USA Technologies plans to roll out the technology to select unattended retail locations nationwide over the coming months. USAT will be demonstrating the technology on January 5th at The Digital Money Forum at CES 2017.

Integration of the MORE. loyalty program with Apple Pay will allow vending machine operators to offer consumers a nearly frictionless loyalty and payment experience. Users will simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch up to the machine’s contactless reader in order to pay, as well as earn and redeem loyalty points. Users who are not already enrolled in MORE. can instantly enroll and have their loyalty card automatically added to Apple Pay.

“Consumers are getting more accustomed to paying with their phones, and with all of the digital noise coming at consumers 24/7, loyalty and rewards programs that easily integrate into popular payment methods like Apple Pay are a win/win,” said Maeve McKenna Duska, senior vice president of sales and marketing, USA Technologies. “By offering MORE. with Apple Pay we are giving consumers a loyalty program that seamlessly integrates with their lifestyle, rewarding them for using the one thing they always have on hand, their iPhone or Apple Watch. We expect the MORE. integration with Apple Pay will not only fuel participation in the unattended loyalty program, but also underscore the ease, security and simplicity of Apple Pay transactions for everyday purchases like those made at vending machines, laundromats, self-serve kiosks, parking and more.”

The loyalty program will be a first for unattended retail. Walgreens was the first retailer to integrate its loyalty awards program into Apple Pay and has been followed by a number of other companies, including Kohl’s. While at Walgreens using the loyalty card and making payment for merchandise is a two-step process, Kohl’s has actually integrated payment and rewards card usage into a one-tap system.

For more information about the MORE. loyalty rewards system, visit the USA Technologies website.

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