Chicken Feed? No, its Chicken GIFs – The Fun, Animated Stickers for iMessage

Posted in Apple News, Apps, iOS on 10/01/2017 by Chris Hauk


We finally know what’s been missing from the iMessage App Store, chicken GIFs! Dejal Systems has released Chicken GIFs 1.0, an iMessage sticker pack for iPhone and iPad.

Chicken Feed? No, its Chicken GIFs - The Fun, Animated Stickers for iMessage

Chicken GIFs is a standalone sticker pack that includes a bunch of fun animated stickers of the goofy antics of chickens, flapping wings, cute baby chicks, head popping up, running in circles, and more. It won’t clutter up your home screen, but will only appear in Apple’s Messages app. Tap a sticker to insert it in a message, or tap and hold to peel it, and drag it to stick on any message bubble.

The chickens used in the GIFs aren’t just your average, taken-from-stock-photos chickens either! The models for the stickers were from Dejal Systems head David Sinclair’s own flock of chickens. (Herd of chickens? Well, of course, I’ve heard of chickens! Who hasn’t heard of chickens? – Ed.)

“These are my own chickens, including Rhode Island Reds and Single Comb Brown Leghorns, explained David Sinclair, owner of Portland-based Dejal Systems, LLC. “They can be lots of fun to watch. For these stickers, I chose excerpts from videos of them that could be fun reaction GIFs. If you enjoy these GIFs, you can see more of them on the Dejal YouTube Channel.”

Chicken GIFs 1.0 is $0.99 and is available for iOS 10 devices through the iMessage Store. [GET IT HERE]


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