First Apple Campus 2 Drone Flyover Video for 2017 Shows Final Preparations Before Grand Opening

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 11/01/2017 by Chris Hauk


Matthew Roberts has shared his latest drone flyover footage from the Apple Campus 2 construction site, and the new footage shows a somewhat waterlogged project that is nonetheless nearing completion.

First Apple Campus 2 Drone Flyover Video for 2017 Shows Final Preparations Before Grand Opening

Recent rains have waterlogged the site, leading to substantial standing water, making it a bit difficult for landscapers to put the finishing touches on the outside areas of the new campus. However, the main building looks to be nearly complete, and outlying structures, including the nearby parking garage, are coming together. (Workers at the site are using the parking structure for their vehicles.)

Solar panels on the roof of the main building, which will supply the energy needs for the campus, look to be around 65% completed.

Workers continue to work inside the main “spaceship” building, where glass installation began late last year. Also still under construction is the underground auditorium where Apple will soon host media events for the unveiling of new products and services. The auditorium windows are now covered.

Smaller structures are taking shape inside the main “spaceship” structure, and the first batch of trees are ready to be planted. Landscaping near the fitness center and over the main tunnel is near completion.

Apple expects to begin moving employees into Campus 2 early this year, with over 12,000 employees expected to make it their workplace when it is completed.


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