Apple Extends its ‘Staingate’ MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program

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A MacRumors report indicates Apple is extending its “Staingate” program to repair 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro with Retina display models where users have experienced the screen’s anti-reflective coating either wearing off or delaminating.

Apple Extends its 'Staingate' MacBook Pro Anti-Reflective Coating Repair Program

Apple will replace Retina displays on eligible models purchased as far back as June 2012 until October 16, 2017, or within three years of the original date of purchase, whichever is longer. The program was extended to provide affected customers with a longer window of time to get their notebook serviced.

Apple has never publicly announced the program, but did tell MacRumors that repairs are being handled internally through AppleCare.

How to Check for Eligibility

Affected customers should either schedule a Genius Bar appointment at their local Apple retail store or contact Apple Support via email, online chat, or phone. Users can click on “get help” on the Apple Support page, and then click “Set up a Repair” -> “Mac” -> “Mac notebooks” -> “Hardware Issues” -> “Display Issue,” and support options should then be displayed.

The website will then ask you for your Mac’s serial number to determine if your MacBook or MacBook Pro is eligible for coverage for the issue.

Owners can also contact an Apple Authorized Service Provider to determine if their notebook is eligible for coverage. Customers who have already paid for out-of-warranty costs related to the issue may be eligible for a refund. Those customers should contact Apple Support directly.

Apple launched the program to address the “Staingate” issues back in 2015.

(This article has been updated to correct the steps for contacting Apple Support. Thanks to MacTrast reader George for point this out.)

  • George

    You path on how to check for eligibility does not work. Please recheck and post the proper steps. When you click on Mac you get mac sales page. When you click on Support, there is no link that just says MAC Notebooks but multiple links to Macbook, MacBook Air, Macbook Pro. Following either does not lead to a hardware issues link.

    • Chris Hauk

      Darn it! I left out a step! It should work now. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Arnan

    Is this still a thing on 2017 models? Or has it finally been fixed?
    I’m hesistant to buy a new Macbook Pro, considering a Dell of all things…


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