How To: Take a Photo Using 3D Touch on Your iPhone 6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus

Posted in How To, iPhone on 23/03/2017 by Chris Hauk


You probably already knew that you could quickly take a selfie with your iPhone by sliding your finger up from the bottom of the screen, tapping the camera icon in Control Center, and then tapping the the camera switch icon to switch to your iPhone’s front camera and tapping the shutter.

However, did you know iPhone 6s/6s Plus/7/ 7Plus users can save a tap by making use of 3D Touch? That’s right folks, saving one tap, that’s what the world has come to…

How to Take a Selfie from Control Center Using 3D Touch


  1. On the lock screen, or any screen for that matter, swipe up on the screen with your finger.
  2. 3D Touch (Hard Press) the Camera icon you’ll see in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “Take Selfie” in the 3D Touch Menu that appears.
  4. Boom! The Camera app opens up in Selfie mode! Now, you’re ready to violate your own privacy, and that of anyone to your immediate left, right, or back side. (Was that the right term? “Back side?”)

Don’t forget to post the photo to any and every social network you belong to. But not Tinder, that will just confuse everyone.

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  • YSR50

    How is this any faster than 1. Swipe left on the lock screen 2. Tap the camera switch icon to switch to your iPhone’s front camera 3. Tap the shutter? Just saved you one more step and sped up your narcissistic obsession.

    • Chris Hauk

      But that only works from the lock screen. If you’re already on the home screen… Either way, it looks as if selfie fans can easily fill their iPhones with photos of their favorite subject. 😉
      Thanks for pointing that out though. Much appreciated!


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