How to Check Your iOS 10.3 Device for Apps That Might Not Work With iOS 11

Posted in How To, iOS on 04/04/2017 by Chris Hauk


iOS 11 is on the way later this year, and many believe its release will spell the death-knell for 32-bit apps. Especially since iOS 10.3 offers up a powerful hint that the end is within sight. (As seen below.)

If you’d like to quickly find out if any of your favorite apps is in need of a 64-bit upgrade before the end is nigh, here’s a quick way to find out.

How to Check Your iOS Device for Apps That Might Not Work With iOS 11

1.) Start the Settings app on your iOS 10.3 device.

2.) Tap the “General” menu option in the Settings menu.

3.) Tap the “About” menu item in the General menu.

4.) In the About menu, tap the “Applications” menu item. (Don’t worry if nothing happens when you tap on “Applications,” and that there isn’t an arrow next to it. That just means all of your installed apps are 64-bit, and you’re good to go.)

5.) On the next screen, you’ll see a list of the apps you have installed that are not iOS 11 ready. (As seen above.)

6.) Contact the developers and give them hell. To contact a developer, tap the app’s name on the 32-bit app list and then tap on the “Developer’s Website” option on the app’s App Store page. If the app’s developer is worth a half a damn, there will be a way to contact them on their website.

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