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‘Cannacopia – strain finder’ Helps Tokers Find the Perfect Marijuana Strain

Posted in Apps, iOS on 19/05/2017 by Chris Hauk


Nature’s Dream has released an update their popular marijuana comparison app, ‘Cannacopia‘. The app helps tokers decide which marijuana strain will provide the effects they desire.

'Cannacopia - strain finder' Helps Tokers Find the Perfect Strain

The Dude approves…

The app uses 4 slide buttons the user adjusts by medical condition, mood, physical effect, and taste. The app then makes a recommendation from over 7,500 different canabis strains.

Cannacopia helps you quickly discover which marijuana strains provide the effects you desire to make you feel the way you want. Just slide the 4 touch-screen buttons to choose the MEDICAL CONDITION, MENTAL MOOD, PHYSICAL EFFECT, and TASTE you prefer and press GO. Cannacopia displays the strains that best match your choices – AND – nearby licensed medical marijuana dispensaries or legal retail outlets where they can be obtained. You can rate and review your favorites, too.

You no longer need to spend time searching from strain to strain just to find the ones you want. With over 7500 different cannabis strains to choose from, Cannacopia makes it easy to find the strains that best match your needs – AND – where to purchase them; all in one fun-to-use app that delivers serious results.

Discover your bliss, whether you’re looking to alleviate a medical condition such as stress, anxiety, pain, or insomnia; or you want to get in the mood to feel ecstatic, happy, creative, or calm; or find a strain to effect you physically to be aroused, energetic, rejuvenated, relaxed, or sleepy and decide the taste you want, ranging from sweet to spicy. Cannacopia even shows you pictures of the strains to use as comparison at purchase time.

The app also makes it easy to find the recommended strain, as it also offers a dispensary search, for states that allow medical marijuana use. (Sorry everyone else, you’re on your own on finding YOUR weed. Write your state government.)

Cannacopia is free, and is available for iOS devices in the App Store. [GET IT HERE]


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