Download AirPano City Book App Free via Apple Store App

Posted in Apple News, Apps, iOS on 12/06/2017 by Chris Hauk


For the next month, Apple’s Apple Store app is offering free redeem codes for AirPano’s City Book app. The cool app allows iOS users to explore a 360 degree bird’s eye view of 10 famous cities.

Download AirPano City Book App Free via Apple Store App

Get ready for a superb virtual travel experience! AirPano City Book is a collection of unique 360º virtual tours of the most amazing cities in the world from a bird’s-eye view.

Enjoy the stunning views with more that 300 spherical aerial panoramas! The aerial panorama technology lets viewers experience soaring through the sky above the some of most beautiful places in the world, with tours of:

• New York
• Paris
• Barcelona
• Dubai
• Amsterdam
• Singapore
• Rome
• Shanghai
• Buenos Aires
• Moscow

More places to come!

The app, which normally goes for $2.99, is free via the Apple Store app. Download the Apple Store app to your device, if you haven’t already. Then, open the app up, and scroll down while in the “Discover” tab until you see a section entitled: “Exclusively for You.” Tap the “Download now for free” link. Tap the “Download now for free” button on the next screen, and you’ll be taken to the App Store to a redeem screen, with the code already filled in. Tap “Redeem” to begin downloading the app.

Just FYI: MacRumors notes that some iOS 11 users can’t get the redeem code to work, so consider yourself warned.


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