Amazon Working on ‘Anytime’ Mobile Messaging Service

Posted in Miscellaneous on 17/07/2017 by Chris Hauk


A report from last week claims Amazon is working on a new mobile messaging platform called “Anytime.” The app is expected to include text and video chat, voice calling, group tasks, social networking features, and more.

Amazon Working on 'Anytime' Mobile Messaging Service

Screenshots via AFTVNews.


Based on the images I’ve been provided, Anytime by Amazon seems to be an all-in-one feature rich service that could even rival social networks. The focus seems to be messaging, including voice and video calls, but there’s also mention of photo sharing with @mentions, as well as filters for photos and video with “special effects and masks.” Anytime will also provide tasks that can be done in groups, like playing games, listening to music, and ordering food.

The service claims to keep chats private and allows users to “encrypt important messages like bank account details.” That’s especially important because the service will also allow users to chat with businesses, make reservations, and of course, since this is from Amazon, allow users to shop.

Amazon Working on 'Anytime' Mobile Messaging Service

Screenshots via AFTVNews.

AFTVNews reports the service could be close to being ready for launch, and is expected to debut on the iOS and Android platforms. While details are currently unavailable, the service could use technology based on Amazon’s Chime video conferencing service that company offers enterprise users.

The app could also borrow from recently released messaging and calling features added to the retailer’s Alexa personal assistant devices.


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