Latest 4K Drone Footage Shows Apple Park’s Visitor Center, Historic Barn, More

Posted in Apple News on 13/07/2017 by Chris Hauk


Drone video master, Matthew Roberts has shared his latest 4K drone footage of Apple Park with us, and his latest flyover shows the Apple visitor center is taking shape, the historic Glendenning Barn is once again present on the site, more trees are being planted, and the huge pond is almost ready to be filled.

Latest 4K Drone Footage Shows Apple Park's Visitor Center, Historic Barn, More

The Glendenning Barn was located on the land where Apple’s new headquarters now site, constructed over 100 years ago. Construction crews carefully disassembled the structure, numbering each individual piece, so that barn could be rebuilt once major construction on the Apple Park project was completed. Apple plans to use the historic barn to store maintenance equipment for the grounds.

Latest 4K Drone Footage Shows Apple Park's Visitor Center, Historic Barn, More

In previous flyovers, the inside of the “spaceship” circular main building was mostly bare dirt, but the latest peek shows trees beginning to appear. The large pond that will also be inside the ring has giant sheets of waterproof lining laid out, suggesting water will soon be pumped in.

The glass-enclosed entrance to the Steve Jobs Theater is showing the benefit of added work, and the visitor center, which will include an Apple Store and cafe open to the public, is beginning to take shape.

While the project has not yet been officially completes, employees have already started to move in.


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