Apple Takes Over Beddit Sleep Tracker Customer Support

Posted in Apple News on 29/08/2017 by Chris Hauk


Apple has taken over customer support for Beddit sleep tracking software and hardware products. The Cupertino firm bought Beddit back in May, in a move to expand its health services team.

Apple Takes Over Beddit Sleep Tracker Customer Support


As part of the change in support policy, customers seeking technical help from the official Beddit website are now instructed to contact Apple via the Contact Apple Support webpage. 

Beddit’s contact page on its website now directs users to Apple’s support team, with the message: “Beddit is now part of Apple. Contact Apple for support.”

Apple purchased the company back in May for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition is believed to have been spurred by Apple’s health monitoring technology efforts.

Apple’s health efforts so far have been confined to their Apple Watch, and iPhone. Both devices are capable of monitoring various health related activities via their onboard motion tracking sensors.

Apple Takes Over Beddit Sleep Tracker Customer Support

Apple has been working on sleep tracking technology, possibly for inclusion in a future model of the Apple Watch. The company could make use of Beddit technology to aid those efforts.

Beddit continues to market its sleep monitoring product, the Beddit 3, which is a thin sensor-laden pad the slips under a user’s sheets to monitor their movements, heart rate, and other data during the user’s periods of sleep.


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