Mozilla’s Firefox 55 Browser for macOS Offers Better Performance, Screenshot Utility, More

Posted in Apps, macOS on 09/08/2017 by Chris Hauk


Mozilla has released Firefox 55 for macOS. The updated browser is said to offer faster speeds, new performance settings, a screenshot utility and more.

Mozilla's Firefox 55 Browser for macOS Offers Better Performance, Screenshot Utility, More


Firefox 55’s major front end feature is Firefox Screenshots, accessed via a new screenshots icon on the toolbar. The feature allows users to capture a region of a web page by clicking and dragging a selection manually, or allowing Screenshots to capture one for them simply by hovering over the page element. 

It’s also possible to capture a full page view without scrolling, and selections can be saved to an online Screenshots library, shared, and downloaded. Mozilla says Firefox Screenshots will be a gradual rollout so not everyone will see it immediately. 

Firefox’s new Web VR feature allows users who own an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift to access and experience VR content on the web. Currently the feature is only available to Windows users. However, since Apple has recently joined the Web VR open community initiative, it is likely the feature will come for Mac users in a future Firefox release.

Mozilla also promises a dramatic performance improvement in Firefox 55 sessions with a large number of tabs. The updated browser also offers a option to fine-tune browser performance, a click-to-activate Flash Player, and more.

Firefox 55 is a free download for macOS and is available from the Mozilla website.


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