Video Shows How Well the iPhone 8’s Glass Back Stands up to Punishment

Posted in iPhone on 25/09/2017 by Chris Hauk


While I would never subject my new iPhone 8 Plus to extreme torture, luckily there are those among us that are more than happy to attempt to destroy their new handsets.

Video Shows How Well the iPhone 8's Glass Back Stands up to Punishment

YouTuber PhoneBuff  has put his iPhone 8 Plus to an extensive drop test, alongside a Galaxy Note 8. PhoneBuff puts the new handset through a series of drop tests. starting with a drop onto its back. The glass shatters on impact, but keeps working.

The devices are then put through another round of torture, which consists of dropping them directly onto a steel pallet up to 10 times. The iPhone doesn’t hold up quite as well, beginning to come apart as of round 5.

Just for fun, we’ve also included a waterproofing test. Both device stand up rather well to this bit of pain.

(Videos available via 9to5Mac)


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