MacTrast Deals: Pay What You Want: Fab 5 Mac App Bundle ft. TechTool Pro 9.5

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The Pay What You Want: Fab 5 Mac App Bundle ft. TechTool Pro 9.5 will make your Mac run smoother, more securely and more enjoyably!

MacTrast Deals: Pay What You Want: Fab 5 Mac App Bundle ft. TechTool Pro 9.5

Pay What You Want: Fab 5 Mac App Bundle ft. TechTool Pro 9.5 = Highlighted by TechTool Pro, These Apps Will Make Your Mac Run Smoother, More Securely & More Enjoyably!

TechTool Pro 9.5: Full Version

Run the Deepest Diagnostic Testing Available to Keep Your Mac Running Smoothly

TechTool Pro 9.5 goes above and beyond the basic diagnostics to keep your system running like a dream. It even goes as far as testing your motherboard, which no rival tool can do. But that’s not all. Test everything from the sensors to the fans, and everything in between. Even create a bootable diagnostic device to test in the field. Whether you own a personal Mac or a whole fleet of business machines, TechTool Pro will catch problems before they start.

    • Makes sure your RAM, processor, cache & more are running properly
    • Rebuilds your cache to correct slow booting, misbehaving apps, slow browsing, & more
    • Lets you get under the hood by manually operating built-in system maintenance tools
    • Detects problems causing files to get lost
    • Prevents data loss & lets you undelete a file you didn’t mean to trash w/ the new & improved data recovery tool
    • Keeps an eye on your LAN & tracks devices that have been in use
    • Tests & repairs damaged directories and corrupted hard drives
    • Prevents crashes & program areas associated w/ RAM
    • Creates duplicates of your volumes to back up data
    • Performs file & volume optimization

RapidWeaver 7

Build Your Own SEO-Optimized Sites, No Code Necessary

Want to build a website, but not exactly “code-literate?” No problem – RapidWeaver 7 makes building websites without any HTML a breeze. You can build anything from a small personal site to an online commerce store within a simple, accessible interface.

“RapidWeaver 7 for Mac makes website building super simple,” Cult of Mac

4/5 Stars, Macworld

2015 iMore Hall of Fame Inductee

    • Build any kind of website w/ complete ease, from a blog, to a portfolio, or even an online store
    • Create professional, mobile-friendly websites
    • Use built-in, SEO optimized code to ensure your site gets seen
    • Rest assured your site will look excellent in any browser
    • Publish your site anywhere w/ RapidWeaver’s recognition of files that haven’t been uploaded yet
    • Continue building offline
    • Build unlimited websites
    • Extend your website w/ thousands of built-in add ons

Hands Off!

Keep an Eye on Abnormal Activity & Avoid Data Leaks with This Powerful Software

Hands Off! controls the access of web applications to your network and disks so you can make informed decisions about who and what has access to your private information. With Hands Off!, you will stop applications from reading, storing, and erasing information without your knowledge, and take back control of your computer.

4.2/5 Stars, MacUpdate

    • Stop disk writing
    • Prevent viruses & other malware infiltration
    • Expose hidden Internet connections diverted through apps
    • Customize your trusted applications & operations
    • Keep applications from phoning home
    • Block outgoing & incoming network connections

AfterShot Pro 3

Harness the Power of RAW Photography Using This All-Inclusive Photo Editing Software

Welcome to the newest version of the world’s leading RAW photo-editing software. RAWfiles don’t compress image data like JPEG and other formats, delivering extremely high-quality photos, but with enormous file sizes. AfterShot Pro 3 resolves this file size issue with its efficient RAW converter, allowing you to seamlessly upload, edit, and manage extremely high quality photos without inflicting any damage. This is the photo software to take your pictures to their highest heights.

  • Take total control of your photo workflow from the moment you take the shot, while unleashing the flexibility of RAW imaging
  • Watermark your photos to enhance your brand or add important information
  • Regain more of the detail & tone from your overexposed photos with enhanced Highlight Recovery
  • Edit portraits faster & easier w/ Blemish Remover’s circle, brush, polygon & freehand tools
  • Browse, preview & download free/for-purchase preset photo looks in the Image Preset Library
  • Make & share your own lens corrections
  • Access a wide variety of plug-ins from big camera brands like Nikon & Canon
  • Share your photos & settings w/ friends and family
  • Use dynamic camera updates to get the latest camera profiles as soon as they’re available

MacCleanse 6

This Digital Housekeeper Will Clean Up Your Mac & Keep It in Order

Keep your computer organized with MacCleanse, the premier file cleanup system for Mac. You’ll access a wide array of tools to find and delete any files clogging up your hard drive and slowing down your computer. This program is your ticket to freeing up precious hard drive space, speeding up your device, and maximizing your productivity like never before.

    • Scan your computer for space-wasting files to delete
    • Clear out files from incomplete file uninstallations
    • Discard residual logs, caches, plug-ins & more
    • Completely wipe your web & app histories
    • Toggle resource-hungry extensions
    • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly scans
    • Receive prompts to fully uninstall an app if the process is incomplete
    • Disable login items that are slowing down your system

Pay What You Want: Fab 5 Mac App Bundle ft. TechTool Pro 9.5 = Highlighted by TechTool Pro, These Apps Will Make Your Mac Run Smoother, More Securely & More Enjoyably!


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