Survey: 78% of Teens Own an iPhone, 82% Plan to Purchase

Posted in Apple Music, Apple Watch, iPhone on 12/10/2017 by Chris Hauk


Investment firm Piper Jaffray has reported the results of the fall edition of its semiannual U.S. teen survey, and the results bode well for Apple’s iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple Music.

Survey: 78% of Teens Own an iPhone, 82% Plan to Purchase


78 percent of teens surveyed own an iPhone, up two percent from the spring 2017 survey conducted earlier this year. 82 percent of teens said their next smartphone will be an iPhone, the highest amount of interest ever noted in one of these surveys. 

The results indicate Apple’s upcoming iPhone X, with its edge-to-edge display and TrueDepth camera, has piqued the interest of teens.

The Apple Watch has also become more attractive to teens, as 17% of teens surveyed said they plan to purchase an Apple Watch in the next six months. That number is up from 13% in Piper Jaffray’s Spring 2017 survey.

The survey also indicates the Apple Music subscription streaming service continues to grow in popularity among teens.

On-demand music services like Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music (30%, 20%, and 17%) continue to gain market share among teens, as more traditional platforms and Pandora continue to lose share.

The report’s results are based on a survey of 6,100 teens across 44 states in the United States. Average age of participants was 15.9 years of age.


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