Three Weeks In: iOS 11 Installed on 48% of Eligible Devices

Posted in iOS on 13/10/2017 by Chris Hauk


It’s been just a little over three weeks since the public release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 11 and adoption of the OS now sits at 48% of eligible devices, overtaking iOS 10 for the number one spot. The number comes from data collected by analytics company¬†Mixpanel.

Three Weeks In: iOS 11 Installed on 48% of Eligible Devices

iOS 11 adoption rate as of 10/13/17.


With iOS 11 installed on 47 percent of devices, iOS 10 is now installed on 46 percent of devices. 6.7 percent of devices also continue to run iOS 9 or earlier. 

Adoption of Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system has proven to be a bit slower than iOS 10 adoption over the same timeframe one year ago. (It took iOS 10 just two weeks to pass iOS 9 as most installed iOS version.)

Apple has release three minor updates since the original release of iOS 11 since its initial release, the most recent update, iOS 11.0.3, was released into the wild on Wednesday of this week.

iOS 11.1 is still in beta testing, and its public release will likely spur increased adoption, as many users wait until the XX.1 release to upgrade. New emoji characters and the restoration of the popular 3D Touch gesture to access the iOS App Switcher are also expected to spur adoption of version 11.1.


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