Apple: iOS 11 Now Installed on 59% of Compatible Devices

Posted in Apple News, iOS on 06/12/2017 by Chris Hauk


Apple says iOS 11 is now installed on 59% of compatible devices. The Cupertino firm shared the new numbers this week on its App Store support page for developers.

Apple: iOS 11 Now Installed on 59% of Compatible Devices

The number is up just 7 points from the 52% install percentage reported on November 6 by Apple. 33% of compatible device still run iOS 10, while 8% of devices are still running an earlier version of the mobile operating system.

iOS 11 adoption numbers continue to lag behind iOS 10 during a similar length of time last year. Apple reported a 54% iOS 10 install percentage in October of 2016, which was a month after release. iOS 11 was only on 52% of devices in November, a month and a half following its release.

The mobile operating system may see a bit of a bump in installs, as Apple release iOS 11.2 over the weekend. The update was released a few days early to fix a date bug that was causing iOS device to crash on December 2.

The update also includes the long-awaited Apple Pay Cash payments feature, which allows iOS users to make person-to-person payments via iMessage.


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