Some Sprint iPhone Customers Experiencing Issues With Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 11.2

Posted in iOS, iPhone on 12/12/2017 by Chris Hauk


iPhone Hacks reports some Sprint customers are having issues with Wi-Fi calling on their iPhones since updating to iOS 11.2. However, Sprint may have a fix for the issue.

Some Sprint iPhone Customers Experiencing Issues With Wi-Fi Calling in iOS 11.2

Some Sprint customers running iOS 11.2 on their device(s) are apparently having issues with Wi-Fi Calling. A growing number of discussions are cropping up across the internet, from Apple’s own support communities, to Sprint’s forums, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Those conversations have been going on since iOS 11.2 launched to the public earlier this month.

The issue is reportedly not limited to one particular iPhone model. If a model can support Wi-Fi Calling, and has iOS 11.2 installed, then the issue could raise its ugly head. Affected iPhone models include devices ranging from the iPhone 6 up to the iPhone X. Affected handsets are also said to be running carrier version 31.0, which could also be contributing to the issue.

Affected users say Wi-Fi Calling simply doesn’t work at all in most cases, while other users report that while the feature works, it provides lousy performance.

Standard troubleshooting methods, such as turning the phone off and on, turning Wi-Fi Calling off and on, and even resetting the carrier’s network settings on the device don’t provide any relief.

A post on Reddit says Sprint has released a carrier update that is said to fix the problem. For more information on how to update your carrier settings, read our how to article, entitled aptly enough, “How To Manually Update Your Carrier Settings on Your iPhone.”


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