Three Steve Jobs Autographed Items to be Offered at Auction

Posted in Apple on 21/02/2018 by Chris Hauk


A Boston auction firm is preparing to auction three items said to be autographed by late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. The items are considered rare, due to Jobs’ reported reluctance to giving out his signature.

Three Steve Jobs Autographed Items to be Offered at Auction

Image courtesy AppleInsider.


The most valuable item is a 1973 job application, in which an 18-year-old Jobs was looking for work as an “electronics tech or design engineer,” according to RR Auction. While the starting bid is $5,000, the final value is expected to hit $50,000 or more. 

Also being offered for auction is a “Mac OS X Administration Basics” manual signed by Jobs in the Apple parking lot in 2001, and a WWDC article from the Palo Alto Daily Post, dated June 10, 2008. Bidding on the signed manual will start at a mere $1,000, but it is expected to fetch over $25,000. The WWDC article will start at $2,500, and is expected to go for around $15,000 or more.

The signatures have all reportedly been analyzed and authenticated by third-party firm PSA/DNA. The auction will start March 8, and will end on March 15.


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