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MacTrast Senior Editor, and self-described "magnificent bastard," Chris Hauk owns Phoenix Rising Services and writes for everyone's favorite "bad movie" website, Big Bad Drive-In.

His first Apple product was an iPod Classic 9 years ago, and he has since added a MacBook Pro, a number of iPads, iPhones, and multiple Apple TVs to his collection.

He lives somewhere in the deep Southern part of America. Yes, he has to pump in both sunshine and the Internet.

Review: Vocal Search – A New Way to Search the Web

Posted on 16/03/2012 by Chris Hauk

If you have an iPhone 4S, you have the best way to search the web with your voice. Ask Siri, she finds what you want. (Most of the time.) If you’re using an iPhone 4 or earlier, Siri isn’t an option.


Video: The Woz Stands in Line for the New iPad

Posted on 16/03/2012 by Chris Hauk

Steve Wozniak

There are some things that are cool just because they’re cool. One of these is the ritual of The Woz, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, standing in line outside an Apple Store on release day. He’s done it again for the new iPad release.


MLB Players and Staff Eager for New iPad Release

Posted on 15/03/2012 by Chris Hauk

Opening Day of the new baseball season is just a few weeks away, but for many major league players, coaches, and scouts, Friday’s release of the new iPad is the reason they’re excited.


AT&T Offers ‘Quiet Settlement’ to iPhone User in Data Throttling Suit

Posted on 14/03/2012 by Chris Hauk

AT&T is offering to discuss a settlement with an iPhone user who won a small-claims case that alleged the carrier was slowing down his “unlimited” data service. And to prove how sincere they are, they’re threatening to shut off his phone service if he doesn’t sit down for a talk.


HBO Will Allow iCloud Users Access to Universal and Fox Movies

Posted on 12/03/2012 by Chris Hauk

During the introduction of the new Apple TV last week, we learned iCloud users would now be able to access purchased movies, and that would include digital copies uploaded from DVDs. Unfortunately, content from Comcast’s Universal and Fox would be blocked due to exclusive rights in place through pre-existing deals with HBO.