Articles by Ian Fuchs

Ian, Senior Review Editor at MacTrast, has been an Apple enthusiast for years, starting in 2000 with an iMac and iMovie. In college, Ian developed skills and further interest in all things Apple. Ian's expanding skill set increased his love for Apple's products. Now the owner of an iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple TV, MacBook, MacBook Pro, numerous iPods, and a classic G5 Mac Pro, he is "pretty familiar" with Apple's products. Ian resides in Chicago, works as a Programmer & Systems Analyst at a college, loves his dog more than probably normal, spends most of his free time with his wife and plays various instruments (drums, guitar, piano, trumpet).

Review: WritePad – Handwriting Recognition for iPad

Posted on 13/08/2013 by Ian Fuchs

Technology has trained us to write with our thumbs on a touch screen, or with out fingers, clicking away on a keyboard. Now, those who prefer the “old-fashioned” way, can take notes on an iPad or iPhone like they would with pen and paper.


Review: Sharemate – Quick Dropbox File Sharing for Mac

Posted on 29/07/2013 by Ian Fuchs

Sharemate for Mac takes the extra work out of sharing files through Dropbox. While power users know the tricks to share files without the additional app, the typical user will find Sharemate to be a great tool to smooth out the process.


Review: Pogo Connect – A Smart, Sensitive Stylus for iPad

Posted on 26/07/2013 by Ian Fuchs

The Pogo Connect is a pressure sensitive stylus, specifically designed with iPad in mind. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Pogo Connect pairs with your iPad through specific apps, to act as a realistic paint brush, marker, or etc.


Review: Takuzu – A Fun, New Logic Puzzler for iOS

Posted on 01/07/2013 by Ian Fuchs

Takuzu, free in the App Store, is a fun puzzler for iOS devices. Based on simple logic, identifying patterns, and following a few simple rules, Takuzu is a puzzler like I’ve never played before.


Review: Animal Rescue – An Addictive Puzzle Game for iPhone

Posted on 29/05/2013 by Ian Fuchs

Finding the right kind of puzzler for your tastes can sometimes be more difficult than the game itself. Animal Rescue incorporate fun graphics, a wide range of difficulties, and offer hours of game play, making it an excellent iOS Puzzler that everyone can enjoy!


Review: Present Perfect – Post-PC Era Presentations

Posted on 20/05/2013 by Ian Fuchs

We’ve all been there before – a presentation with hard to read text, poor quality feedback, and the inevitable awkward moment when the presenter tries to share a video and something goes wrong. Present Perfect is a new, Post-PC era take on improving and personalizing presentations.