Articles by Ian Fuchs

Ian, Senior Review Editor at MacTrast, has been an Apple enthusiast for years, starting in 2000 with an iMac and iMovie. In college, Ian developed skills and further interest in all things Apple. Ian's expanding skill set increased his love for Apple's products. Now the owner of an iPad Air 2, iPad mini, iPhone 6S Plus, Apple TV, MacBook, MacBook Pro, numerous iPods, and a classic G5 Mac Pro, he is "pretty familiar" with Apple's products. Ian resides in Chicago, works as a Programmer & Systems Analyst at a college, loves his dog more than probably normal, spends most of his free time with his wife and plays various instruments (drums, guitar, piano, trumpet).

Review: Beesy – A New Level of iPad Productivity

Posted on 01/01/2013 by Ian Fuchs

The iPad has truly changed the way we work in business settings. Legal pads and pens are out, and iPads and bluetooth keyboards are the new wave of productivity… Beesy is a complex, multi-functional productivity app for the iPad, that is looking to change how we do work.


Review: “Majesty: The Northern Expansion” – A Fantasy Sim Classic Comes to iOS

Posted on 24/12/2012 by Ian Fuchs

There was a time when sim games were one of the most popular styles of games not he market. Games like Starcraft, Warcraft (not to be confused with WoW), Sim City, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and many others could be found on computers across the country. Developer Herocraft has recently released “Majesty: Northern Expansion” for iOS, and it feels perfectly nostalgic.


Review: BoulderDash XL – An Atari Classic Comes to iOS

Posted on 04/12/2012 by Ian Fuchs

BoulderDash XL

It’s amazing how popular “vintage” has become. Not only has our style and attitude begun to reflect a distant era, but our personal devices reflect it in app design and function. iOS game BoulderDash XL is following suit, bringing classic Atari gaming to the palm of your hand.


Review: Arctic 3D Metal Cases – Stylish iPhone 5 Protection

Posted on 17/11/2012 by Ian Fuchs

When Apple released the iPhone 5, the accessory market went crazy. Case manufacturers, like Arctic Accessories, got an opportunity to develop new lines of cases and adapt their design to reflect the brushed silver or slate back side of the new iPhone 5.


Review: Outin for iOS – A New Kind of Photo Sharing App

Posted on 25/10/2012 by Ian Fuchs

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to share photos with friends, but you rarely get to experience randomly great iPhonography. Outin for iOS turns the standard photo sharing experience on it’s head, and creates a unique new way to share photos around the globe.


Review: Clever Lotto – A Handy Lottery Assistant for iOS

Posted on 24/10/2012 by Ian Fuchs

With the potential to win millions of dollars, everyone is looking for a better way to increase their odds. CleverLotto for iOS offers a unique set of features to assist in tracking and picking your lottery numbers, helping you make the best bets.


Review: Marx Runner – Create Musical Motivation While Running

Posted on 10/10/2012 by Ian Fuchs

Nothing is more distracting in a run that when Adele starts belting out “Someone Like You” while you’re tearing down the street. Marx Runner eliminates the need for specialized playlists of running music by using your own movement to create unique and motivational music for your run.


Samsung Files Patent Infringement Suit Against iPhone 5

Posted on 02/10/2012 by Ian Fuchs

In late August, Apple scored a huge victory over Samsung in U.S. Courts, ruling that several Samsung devices infringe on a number of Apple’s patents. Now, it appears that Samsung has fired back at Apple, filing suit against the newest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5.


Review: Iron Mouse – A “Cheesy,” Fast-Paced Game for iOS

Posted on 23/09/2012 by Ian Fuchs

Of the huge selection of games in the App Store, the ones that we tend to gravitate towards games that are easy to learn, fun to play, challenging to master, and frequently, centered around animals. With all those factors in weighing in, iOS game Iron Mouse is no exception.


Why I Almost Bought an Android Tablet (Opinion)

Posted on 15/09/2012 by Ian Fuchs

Steve Jobs said that a 7″ tablet wouldn’t yield a good experience. While the allure of the smaller, 7″ Nexus 7 tablet is very tempting, Android continues to be the biggest flaw for iPad competitors.