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Slightly Updated Apple TV Uses Smaller A5 Chip

Posted on 11/03/2013 by Chris Hauk


Last week we reported that the Apple TV was in short supply at Apple resellers, and even the Apple Store itself. Well, the tweaked version of the Apple TV has begun hitting the shelves, and it looks like the updated device is using a smaller version of the A5 chip, not a 5X chip as previously speculated.


Apple’s Streaming Music Service Delayed Until At Least Summer 2013

Posted on 08/03/2013 by J. Glenn K├╝nzler

iTunes 11 Thumb

Apple has been rumored as working on an streaming music (“internet radio”) service since reports surfaced in mid-2012 – but the new service may not launch as early as Apple had hoped. Interestingly, the report claims that the service has been stalled largely because Apple is pinching pennies quite a bit tighter than record labels are comfortable with.


Apple Patent Hints At Users Being Able To Resell iTunes Content

Posted on 07/03/2013 by Henry Taylor-Gill

Apple Patent Thumb Logo

Apple Insider has uncovered a patent filed by Apple titled ‘Managing access to digital content items’. In simple terms, it lays out a system with which end users could transfer or sell on licenses to content, all managed via the cloud.


comScore: Apple Gains in U.S. Smartphone Market Share

Posted on 07/03/2013 by Chris Hauk

Official iPhone 5 Thumb 2

comScore has released the results of its monthly rolling survey of U.S. mobile phone users for the period covering November – January, and it shows Apple’s smartphone market share rose 3.5 percentage points between October and January, with 37.8% of U.S. platform and hardware sales.


Swatch CEO Hayek Doesn’t See iWatch Success

Posted on 06/03/2013 by Chris Hauk

iWatch Thumb 2

“The horseless buggy will never catch on,” said buggy whip manufacturers. “Television is a fad,” opined the movie studios. Now, is Swatch CEO Nick Hayek looking to join the historic ranks of these naysayers when he implies an iWatch would never catch on?


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