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Apple Lays Off Contract Recruiters, ‘Reevaluating’ Recruiting Efforts

Posted on 26/04/2016 by Chris Hauk

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VentureBeat reports Apple has been reevaluating its recruiting efforts, and has been laying off its contract recruiters over the last few weeks. The publication’s source says the recruiting engine inside Apple has slowed down and the company is reevaluating its activities in that area.


Steve Wozniak: Apple Should Pay a 50% Tax Rate on Earnings

Posted on 22/04/2016 by Chris Hauk


Apple co-founder Steve (The Woz) Wozniak sat down with the BBC, and during the conversation, he shared his opinion on how much in taxes Apple, and all companies for that matter, should pay in taxes. The acceptable tax rate in his mind? 50 percent.


Apple Store App Updated With New 3D Touch Features

Posted on 21/04/2016 by Chris Hauk


Apple on Thursday updated its Apple Store app to add new 3D Touch features for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. While previously the app supported 3D Touch Quick Actions from the Home Screen, today’s update adds new features within the app.


Coalition Opposing Burr-Feinstein Encryption Bill Publishes Open Letter

Posted on 20/04/2016 by Chris Hauk


A group of four tech industry associations have joined together to publish an open letter opposing a draft bill by U.S. Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, which would make it easier for courts to order help from companies such as Apple and Google in bypassing encryption.


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