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AppSumo Bundle #1: $60 of Utility Apps For Only $14

Posted on 17/01/2011 by Cormac Moylan

The gents over at AppSumo today launched their first of 4, yes 4!, Mac bundles. For the next couple of weeks the guys will be releasing  a number of awesome bundles into the wild that will spruce up your collection…


Pangea Arcade is Free Today (Normally $4.99)

Posted on 17/01/2011 by Cormac Moylan

Want to play some classic arcade games? Don’t want to pay? No problem. Pangea Arcade is FREE for a limited time only. Normally priced at $4.99, Pangea Arcade features 3 class arcade games in that classic retro style.


App Store – Another Home Run For Apple

Posted on 10/01/2011 by Bill Six

Critics and cynics alike will continue to point out the obvious that no one application/software is perfect.  There will always be room for improvement and piracy will continue to abound in this day and age, but the Mac App Store…


7 Ways To Make The App Store Better

Posted on 10/01/2011 by Cormac Moylan

Yes, the App Store it is amazing. But it could be better. Here are a few shortcomings and suggestions for making the App Store that little bit better. Are they all viable enhancements? No. But they would each make for a more interesting App Store.


RockMelt Invites Inside

Posted on 26/12/2010 by Cormac Moylan

RockMelt is a social web browser that packs a punch! RockMelt has total Facebook & Twitter integration making it a more than awesome tool for those that spend hours each day checking in their friends and updating their status. RockMelt…