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Review: iRig Mic Studio – Studio Quality Audio in The Palm of Your Hand

Posted on 20/08/2015 by Ian Fuchs


From YouTube creators to podcasters, musicians to teachers, the use of multimedia seems to have no end. I’m not here to tell you about ways of making your powerpoint look fancier, or your YouTube video prettier, I can tell you that audio makes a huge difference. With the iRig Mic Studio, recording excellent quality audio is easier than ever.


MacTrast Deals: The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course

Posted on 18/08/2015 by Chris Hauk


iOS 9 is almost here, and if you want to have your apps ready for Apple’s latest and greatest mobile operating system, you need The Complete iOS 9 Developer Course. It offers instruction on how to build 100 apps using Apple’s latest technologies!


MacTrast Deals: Jarv Nmotion PRO Bluetooth Earbuds

Posted on 17/08/2015 by Chris Hauk


While we love to listen to our favorite tunes or podcasts while we’re working out, we all hate the way our earbud cords can get tangled up during our workouts. Jarv Nmotion PRO Bluetooth Earbuds to the rescue!


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