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Review: Comma Steel 6ft Lightning Sync/Charge Cable W/ Aluminum Shell

Posted on 29/12/2014 by Chris Hauk

While the standard Lightning cables that come with out iOS devices may be enough for the average user, some find the cables are not as tough and durable as they’d like. For those users, we review the Comma Chargers Comma Steel – 6ft Braided MFi Lightning Cable w/ Aluminum Shell.


App of the Week: Blob Climber – Another Crazy Addicting iOS Game

Posted on 23/12/2014 by Ian Fuchs

The App Store is home to literally thousands of games, yet the ones that seem to reach mass appeal are always the fun, somewhat mindless, yet ridiculously challenging, often addicting games. Blob Climber is one of those games, and is a great one to play while killing some time during your travels this holiday season.


Ticketmaster Adds Apple Pay Support to Its iOS App

Posted on 22/12/2014 by Chris Hauk

Now iOS users will be able to pay for their Ticketmaster event tickets via Apple Pay, as the ticketing monolith has announced support for Apple’s mobile payments service in the latest version of their iOS app.


MacTrast Deals: 6-Ft MFi-Certified iOS & Android Convertible Charging Cable

Posted on 19/12/2014 by Chris Hauk

While most people tend to stay in either the iOS or the Android camp, we know there are a few wild ones out there who can’t keep their hands off every cool device that comes their way. Well for swingers like those, MacTrast Deals has a great deal: The 6-Ft MFi-Certified iOS & Android Convertible Charging Cable. No matter which way you like it, we’ve got a charge for you!