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Wallpaper Weekends: Smile Awhile for the iPad

Posted on 25/07/2015 by Chris Hauk


This week’s iPad wallpapers are designed to put a smile on your face. From Calvin expressing his opinion about Windows, to the smiling Mac Finder guy, these wallpapers will make you grin.


‘Hacking Team’ Data Leaks Show Firm Capable of Infiltrating Jailbroken iPhones

Posted on 07/07/2015 by Chris Hauk


The Guardian reports that cybersecurity firm Hacking Team experienced a data breach on Monday, leading to 400 GB of its documents being leaked to the Internet. Among the documents are those confirming the firm’s ability to infiltrate and monitor jailbroken iPhones for government agencies, including those of repressive regimes.


Wallpaper Weekends: Sunday on the Beach for the iPad

Posted on 05/07/2015 by Chris Hauk


This week’s wallpapers are for your iPad. It’s Summer, and that’s the perfect time to visit the beach. Feel the sand between your fingers as you swipe your way through your iPad’s Home Screen.


MacTrast Deals: VOXOA Water-Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds

Posted on 24/06/2015 by Chris Hauk


Doesn’t it suck when you’re in the middle of a heavy workout, really getting into the groove, and your earbuds start shorting out from the sweat? Today’s MacTrast Deal, the VOXOA Water-Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds make those worries a thing of the past.


Untethered Jailbreak Tool Released for iOS 8.3

Posted on 23/06/2015 by Chris Hauk


TaiG, the jailbreaking team out of China, has released an untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. The Windows-only tool works with compatible iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.


Apple Pulls Original iPad mini From Online Store

Posted on 19/06/2015 by Chris Hauk


Apple has pulled the original iPad mini from its online store. It has also removed all other references to its original smaller iPad. Refurbished models of the original mini are still available in the Apple Online Store.


Developer Discovers iOS 9 iPad Keyboard Scales to Larger Size

Posted on 15/06/2015 by Chris Hauk


Developer Steven Troughton-Smith did some digging onto iOS 9, and has discovered the new iPad keyboard included in the beta is capable of scaling to a larger size, with rearranged keys. This adds more fuel to rumors that Apple is planning to release a 12.9-inch “iPad Pro” at some future date.


Apple’s iOS 9 Features Improved Siri, Side-by-Side and Picture-in-Picture for iPad, More…

Posted on 08/06/2015 by Chris Hauk


Apple today at WWDC 2015 gave a preview of iOS 9, their upcoming mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The new OS will feature more powerful and proactive search, along with improved Siri features, and new multitasking features for the iPad, including side-by-side apps viewing, and picture-in-picture, which allows viewing a video while working in other apps.


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