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Sprint Slashes Prices on iPhone 4S Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch

Posted on 07/08/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Carriers have a tradition of discounting current iPhones ahead of new iPhone launches, and this year, Sprint is the first to begin slashing prices. The carrier is cutting $50 off the price of an iPhone 4S, and even waiving the activation fee if you order online.


Yes, the iPhone 4S Camera is Just That Good! – London 2012 Photo Album

Posted on 06/08/2012 by Chris Hauk


The camera on the iPhone has gotten better and better with every generation of the popular smartphone, but is the iPhone ready to be your ONLY digital camera? The Guardian’s Dan Chung has been using an iPhone 4S to document the London 2012 games, and his results are quite impressive.


Wallpaper Weekends: The London Olympic Stadium

Posted on 04/08/2012 by Jim Gresham


In celebration of the London Olympics we present an excellent sunset shot of the Olympic Stadium in London. With the Stadium in the foreground, the beautiful city of London sprawls to the skyline.


How Samsung’s Handsets Morph Into the iPhone (Image)

Posted on 03/08/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

Apple Logo Samsung

Apple has released several compelling arguments and a fair bit of convincing evidence against Samsung so far in their ongoing jury trial – but this series of slides shared by Apple’s lawyers might be some of the most damning.


How the iPhone Almost Had a Curved Glass Shell

Posted on 02/08/2012 by Chris Hauk


There have been some interesting bits and pieces of info coming out of the Apple vs. Samsung trial. In one deposition, former Apple designer Douglas Satzger told how Apple had “strong interest in doing two pieces of shaped glass,” for an iPhone prototype.


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