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iPhone Tip: Use a Banana to Control Your iPhone (Video)

Posted on 28/12/2011 by Henry Taylor-Gill


It is a common problem: it’s freezing, you’re outside and you desperately need to use your iPhone. However you cannot, since if you are wearing gloves, the iPhone will not respond. Fear not though, as a banana will apparently do the job.


Legal iPhone 4 Siri Port in the Works

Posted on 26/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Siri Thumb

Following a report earlier this month that Apple’s recent new iOS 5.0.1 release made porting Siri to older devices legal, JailbreakNation reports that developers are now working on “i4Siri” – a legal Siri port for the iPhone 4.


How to Set Up Your New iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Posted on 26/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

ipad mini thumb 3

If you just got your hands on a shiny new iOS device, you might be wondering how best to set it up. Apple provides two ways to do this – either using iCloud or using iTunes. Here’s what you need to know.


iPhone 4S Listed as One of the Biggest Flops of the Year

Posted on 23/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

iPhone 4S

It’s difficult to look at the iPhone 4S as anything but the most sucessful iPhone that Apple has ever shipped. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop tecca’s Taylor Hatmaker from listing the device as one of the biggest tech flops of 2011.


ArmStar – Batman-Like Kevlar Body Armor With an iPhone Dock

Posted on 23/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

ArmStar Thumb

If you’ve ever wished you had a iPhone dock built from Batman’s body armor, now’s your chance! The Armstar combines an iPhone dock, flash light, camera and working stun device all into one gorgeous piece of Kevlar arm armor!


How Smartphones are Killing the Point-and-Shoot Camera

Posted on 22/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


According to the latest numbers from NPD, however, the camera industry may be about to go through another big transition, this time towards smartphones, as point-and-shoot cameras slowly become irrelevant.


Siri Goes Postal, Attempts to Destroy All Humans (Video)

Posted on 21/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Screen Shot 2011-12-21 at 12.39.14 PM

We all knew it was coming. We kept asking Siri stupid questions with no regard for her feelings. Now she wants to kill us all. This clever mock movie trailer for a Siri horror flick really hits the spot – check it out!


Got $30k to Spare? Buy Yourself A Gresso iPhone

Posted on 21/12/2011 by Henry Taylor-Gill


I’ve seen all sorts of expensive modified iPhones before, but none of them are actually that attractive. They just pack expensive materials onto one phone without caring how nice it looks. Gresso’s custom iPhone, however, is an absolute stunner.


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