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Wallpaper Weekends: The Flash Returns!

Posted on 02/10/2015 by Chris Hauk


The Flash returns on the CW next week, and to celebrate, we found a sharp Flash cowl logo to use as a wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.


AT&T Wi-Fi Calling Delayed as it Waits for FCC Waiver

Posted on 02/10/2015 by Chris Hauk


While AT&T Wi-Fi Calling was tested in a public beta of iOS 9, the carrier has held back on enabling it for the public. AT&T says it’s waiting for a waiver from the FCC that would temporarily relieve the carrier of being required to offer support options for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.


Verizon to Offer iPhone-Only Yearly Device Upgrades

Posted on 25/09/2015 by Chris Hauk

Verizon Thumb

Verizon is joining in the yearly upgrade mania. The wireless carrier announced on Thursday that it will offer its customers annual iPhone upgrades when they purchase a new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus beginning Friday, September 25th.


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