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Wallpaper Weekends: The Winter Olympics

Posted on 08/02/2014 by Jim Gresham


Wallpaper Weekends is a series that works to bring you stunning, high quality wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch. Around the world, everyone is prepping for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.


Sochi Athletes Not Required to Cover Up Apple Logo on Phones

Posted on 06/02/2014 by Chris Hauk


A report yesterday said that Olympic athletes competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics would be required to cover up the logo on their personal smartphones if they aren’t a Samsung product. Today, the International Olympic Committee is saying they are not required to do so.


Wall Street Weighs in on Lower Than Expected iPhone Sales

Posted on 28/01/2014 by Chris Hauk

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Even though Apple sold a record number of iPhone in fiscal Q1 2014, selling over 50 million handsets in the three months for the first time in history, those sales were below what analysts had predicted. So of course, Wall Street is now concerned about the iPhone’s future growth potential.


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