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Review: ClipBuddy – A Useful Clipboard Expander for OS X

Posted on 30/11/2012 by Jim Gresham

Command+C. We all do it, but what if you had the ability to track all of those quick copy and paste transactions? I never really thought there was a need for a clipboard history, but OndeSoft developed ClipBuddy to fill the niche market of clipboard dominance.


Review: OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

Posted on 30/11/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

We’ve reviewed a number of SSDs in the past, including OCZ’s Vertex 3 MAX IOPS. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the Vertex 3’s successor: The Vertex 4 – a much more affordable option that’s nearly as fast as its predecessor.


Review: Arctic 3D Metal Cases – Stylish iPhone 5 Protection

Posted on 17/11/2012 by Ian Fuchs

When Apple released the iPhone 5, the accessory market went crazy. Case manufacturers, like Arctic Accessories, got an opportunity to develop new lines of cases and adapt their design to reflect the brushed silver or slate back side of the new iPhone 5.


Review: Gear Jack – A Solid 2D Platformer For IOS

Posted on 17/11/2012 by John Manners

Forest Moon Games, the sister company of Crescent Moon Games, focuses exclusively on 2D and casual games. Crescent Moon seems to have a great track record of platformers such as the immensely popular, Paper Monsters. Gear Jack seems to live up to the same great quality, but in 2d form.


Review: W3capture – Easily Convert Webpages to PDF Files

Posted on 17/11/2012 by Chris Hauk

Ever want to save a webpage for viewing later, but in a file format that can be viewed by anyone, all graphics intact? Just saving the page as HTML isn’t convenient, you either lose the graphics, or you have to make sure to keep the graphics files the same place as the page, and it makes it a pain to send for viewing by others. Enter W3capture from Ondesoft.


Review: EpicHearts Plus – A Thrilling New RPG Adventure for iPhone

Posted on 13/11/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler

As many great games as there are on the App Store, one area that seems to be lacking somewhat is RPGs. There just aren’t very many decent RPGs out there for iOS devices! Fortunately, the folks at 4:33 have heard the cries of RPG-deprived iPhone gamers.