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Review: Mpow MLens V1 – Clip-On Lens Kit

Posted on 09/03/2016 by Ian Fuchs

Making your iPhone pictures look “cooler” doesn’t need to cost a fortune, and our friends over at Mpow sent me their MLens V1 3-in-1 lens kit, and I have to admit, it’s kind of cool.

Review: ReVu – On The Fly Video Editor

Posted on 06/03/2016 by Ian Fuchs

While there are some very fancy apps on the market that can do very nitty-gritty reframing, cropping, or scaling, most of them are intimidating or scary. A new app to the App Store – ReVu – is very different.

Review: Zand – An Elegant iPad Stand

Posted on 15/01/2016 by Ian Fuchs

Zand is an aluminum stand with a smartly designed base, which lifts your iPad two or three inches from the desk, and gives it a great Apple-esque look.