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Review: ProCamera – A One Stop Photography and Image Editing App for iOS

Posted on 15/10/2013 by C. Marie Johnson


Fun filters, new camera features and basic editing tools provide avid iPhone camera users with the opportunity to take and create stellar photos. PROCAMERA, $0.99 in the App Store, offers not only filters and great editing tools, it even features a night camera for those tough-to-capture shots!


Review and Giveaway: Angelbird SSD2go – A Sleek & Portable Aluminum-Clad USB 3.0 SSD!

Posted on 01/10/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

SSD2go Thumb

While SSDs are great as built-in options, however, what about users without the ability to upgrade their Mac or PC with an SSD (such as, for instance, owners of the 2012 or 2013 iMac)? Thunderbolt solutions have been around for a couple of years – but not everyone has a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac or PC. Is there a solution for the rest of us?


Review: PROTKT Bike Mount and Case for iPhone 5/5S

Posted on 28/09/2013 by Ian Fuchs


The PROTKT Bike Mount and iPhone Case is designed for convenience, protection, and versatility – allowing you to take your iPhone on the most extreme of adventures without worrying about the ramifications of wind, rain, dust, debris, or shock.


Review: Justin Case Ultra-Slim Power Case for the iPad

Posted on 24/09/2013 by Chris Hauk


Whenever I use my iPad away from home, it’s usually for entertainment purposes. And if I watch more than a couple of movies, my battery starts getting dangerously close to the bottom of the charge. The Justin Case Ultra-Slim Power Case for the iPad is designed to remedy that problem.


Review: Infinity Blade III – The Epic Trilogy Concludes On IOS

Posted on 20/09/2013 by John Manners


Over the past few years, few iOS games have taken full advantage and pushed the limits of all the iPhone and iPad have to offer in terms of creating something with pure visual graphics and art design. The Infinity Blade trilogy set that bar and went to great heights, not only visually, but introduced new gameplay and combat experiences to iOS users. The epic saga from Chair concludes in truly glorious fashion with Infinity Blade III


Mini E-Book Review: ‘A Day With the Woz’ by Waseef Akhtar

Posted on 08/09/2013 by Chris Hauk


What would you do if you were allowed to spend the day with Apple co-founder, and all around cool guy, Steve “The Woz” Wozniak? Well, of you’re Riyahh, Saudia Arabian resident Waseef Akhtar, you write a book about it and self-publish it via iBooks.


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