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Review: Schedule Planner Pro – A Premium Productivity Solution for iPhone!

Posted on 21/05/2013 by Chris Hauk


Many people can get by using the basic calendar and reminder functions built-in to iOS. But what if you have the need for various categories, a need for reminders, the ability to print out a report of upcoming appointments and tasks, and to view on the fly how you’re spending your busy day? Enter Schedule Planner Pro for iPhone.


Review: Dash & Bash – An Exhilarating New Physics Game for iPhone

Posted on 20/05/2013 by C. Marie Johnson


Finding a fun, engaging game for iPhone that is easy enough to understand, yet difficult enough to make you want to keep playing can sometimes be difficult, the right amount of challenge mixed with the right objective makes a perfect game. Finally, there is a new game on the market that hits the nail on the head! Step aside Angry Birds, there is a new, addicting bird game in town: Dash & Bash!


Review: Present Perfect – Post-PC Era Presentations

Posted on 20/05/2013 by Ian Fuchs


We’ve all been there before – a presentation with hard to read text, poor quality feedback, and the inevitable awkward moment when the presenter tries to share a video and something goes wrong. Present Perfect is a new, Post-PC era take on improving and personalizing presentations.


Review: Safecard – Securely Save Passwords, Cards, and Private Information on IOS

Posted on 16/05/2013 by John Manners


Safety in the form of things like passwords, credentials, and credit cards is an everyday issue. It can get overwhelming trying to keep track of important personal information such as usernames or account numbers. To keep it more organized you would want something that may be more safe and time-saving. Safecard does all this and more efficiently and securely by allowing the user to archive and search personal and sensitive data such as credit cards and passwords.


Review: Clashot – An Interactive Photo Community for iOS That Makes You Money

Posted on 03/05/2013 by C. Marie Johnson


I am a sucker for photography apps, there is something alluring about being able to take, edit and upload perfect photos on the go. What if there was a way to not only capture these moments and perfect them, but to post them in a community where they could also be purchased, in turn, making you some mullah? Then you need to check out Clashot, free in the App Store.


Review: Logitech T651 Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac

Posted on 30/04/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Logitech Trackpad Thumb

Apple’s Magic Trackpad, with its large 5-inch square surface, existed without direct competition for quite a while. It simply had no equal. Logitech aims to change all that with their Rechargeable Trackpad for Mac. Does the Logitech T651 have what it takes to challenge the Magic Trackpad? Read on to find out!


Review: X-Doria SmartStyle for iPad Mini

Posted on 24/04/2013 by C. Marie Johnson

X-Doria SmartStyle Feature

I have a full-size iPad, but I decided to invest in a Mini for the sheer fact that it is compact, lightweight and has the ability to virtually fit anywhere, even my purse. That said, I don’t want a crazy huge case, it would complete defeat the purpose of having a Mini. The X-Doria SmartStyle case is right on the money when it comes to slim-fitting, visually appealing cases.


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