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Apple Says iOS 7 Adoption Has Hit 85% – iOS 6 Down to 12%

Posted on 24/03/2014 by Chris Hauk

iOS 7 Official Thumb

Apple has updated their iOS adoption numbers – measured by way of usage numbers from its App Store – and they show iOS 7 is now being used by 85% of iOS device users, while iOS 6 has slipped to a 12% device share.


Wallpaper Weekends: Green Grassy Spring

Posted on 22/03/2014 by Jim Gresham


Wallpaper Weekends is a series that works to bring you stunning, high quality wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch. As spring pushes away summer, the green grass begins to return. Enjoy the new colors with these wallpapers.


Rumor: Apple Considering Android Version of iTunes, On-Demand Music Streaming Service

Posted on 21/03/2014 by Chris Hauk


Believe me, I checked the calendar to make sure it wasn’t already April 1st before I dropped the hammer on this one. OK, here we go… Billboard is reporting that Apple is considering the launch of an on-demand streaming service similar to Spotify, and the topper to the report? It’s also thinking about making an Android version of the iTunes app available.


How To Keep Your iPhone (Relatively) Germ Free

Posted on 21/03/2014 by Chris Hauk


While flu season may almost be over, you can still benefit from keeping your iPhone or other device clean. A study conducted for The Wall Street Journal” found among the phones tested, there were between 2,700 and 4,200 units of coliform bacteria present on the devices. (Drinking water is limited to than 1 unit per 100 ml of water.)


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