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iPad Survives 500 Foot Drop

Posted on 25/04/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

A company called G-Form, traditionally a maker of protective wear, is now transitioning to the iPad. In the below video, they show an iPad in their Extreme Sleeve being dropped from 500 feet. The amazing part is that the iPad survives!


Should Unemployed People Buy Apple Computers?

Posted on 25/04/2011 by Cormac Moylan

Should unemployed people buy a new Apple computer so they can fill out their CV, update their LinkedIn profile, and do other cool things while ignoring the perfectly fine working PC they have in their garage that can do the same thing? Eh…. YES! Of course, what a stupid question.


Charlie Sheen iPhone & iPad App – WINNING!

Posted on 25/04/2011 by Nirja Ghosh

Charlie Sheen’s back! And this time on iTunes. Although I’m not very sure of how he got through to Apple, he has designed an app for the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry AND Android platform.


Switch Between Multiple iTunes Accounts Through AppleScript

Posted on 25/04/2011 by Jakob Hultman

Do you, like me, have more than one iTunes Store account? Maybe even a few international ones? Then you know very well how frustrating it is to sign out, change store, sign in and then buy content. Cry no more. There’s an AppleScript for that. Redditor TinyLebowski has shared his AppleScript that lets you change account in the blink of an eye.


White iPhone On Sale at Best Buy on April 27th

Posted on 24/04/2011 by Jakob Hultman

Reports from earlier this week says that the white iPhone 4 will be released on Wednesday in Europe. Now pictures from a source at Best Buy shows that the white iPhone 4 will go on sale on April 27th in USA as well.


New iPhone Tested For T-Mobile USA

Posted on 24/04/2011 by Jakob Hultman

Photos coming from BGR proves (if they are real) that a prototype of a possible white iPhone 4S has been used for testing T-Mobile GSM 3G bands in USA.


About Possible Retina Display Support in Lion – New Icons Found

Posted on 24/04/2011 by Jakob Hultman

James reported earlier about the possibility of Apple planning a retina display for Mac, just like what we have on the iPhone 4. In addition to the beautiful and huge wallpaper, new icons with higher resolution have now been discovered.


Updated Macbook Air Models To Begin Production In May

Posted on 23/04/2011 by Michael Roberts

The widely received MacBook Air certainly wasn’t without its criticisms at launch last October. Mainly being the lack of the latest Intel chips. Looks like this is about to be rectified in May when production reportedly starts on the latest offerings of the sleek device.


Make Your Own iPad Book Safe

Posted on 23/04/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Do you have $10 and an Exacto knife? Do you want a book safe for your iPad? Well, say no more, because what we have here are bona-fide instructions on how to make your own book safe for the iPad.