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How To: Change Your DNS Settings on Your iOS Device

Posted on 01/02/2016 by Chris Hauk


Usually, the default DNS settings on your iOS device will work just fine. But occasionally, the provider for the Wi-Fi connection you’re using may not have the most up-to-date DNS information.


How To: Disable the Live Photos Version of a Photo in iOS 9

Posted on 01/02/2016 by Chris Hauk


The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus brought a great new feature to photos called Live Photos. The new feature can be turned off and on at will, but what if you take a Live Photo, when you really wanted to take a regular photo?


MacTrast Deals: Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone

Posted on 31/01/2016 by Chris Hauk


Sure, it’s fun to fly solo, but imagine the fun of flying your drone in a squadron of other drones? The Ultra-Stealth Nano Drone – Put that on your radar, FAA!


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