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Apple Details Apple Watch Accessibility Features

Posted on 16/04/2015 by Chris Hauk


Apple has revealed several accessibility options for Apple Watch users with visual or aural impairments, including Apple’s VoiceOver functionality and user interface options.


Chess Champion Used iPod Touch to Cheat in Tournaments

Posted on 15/04/2015 by Chris Hauk


A Georgian chess champion has been accused of using his iPod touch to cheat in tournaments. Gaioz Nigalidze hid his device in the restroom during at least one match, using it to analyze the game being played.


Apple Grabs Israeli Camera Tech Firm LinX for $20M

Posted on 15/04/2015 by Chris Hauk

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Apple has acquired Israeli-based camera technology company LinX. The company confirmed on Tuesday that it had bought the firm, which specializes in “multi-aperture imaging technology” for DSLR-quality images.


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