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Best Buy Slashes $50 Off All iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Models, Today Only!

Posted on 21/01/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

iPhone 4 Sale

Best Buy offered a pretty amazing holiday deal on the iPhone, offering a $50 discount on both the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. In case you missed your chance, Best Buy is now offering their deal once again! The discount applies to all iPhone 4S and 5 models from Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.


The Original Android Logo Was Just Plain Scary (Image)

Posted on 21/01/2013 by Henry Taylor-Gill


The little green thing that represents Android today could have been yellow (or blue, or red) with weird eyes – and downright scary. Android engineer Dan Morrill posted some pretty horrific early concept art of the Android logo to his Google+ account.


KUBI Wants To Make Awkward iPad Video Calls A Thing Of The Past

Posted on 21/01/2013 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Whatever you use, be it Skype or Facetime, the iPad has become a popular way for users to chat to friends and family across the world. So Revolver Robotics has created an KUBI, an interesting Indiegogo project that aims to facilitate the experience, allowing the user to control what they see on their screen.


Review: Engine Tester – Keep Your Car Running Smooth

Posted on 21/01/2013 by Ian Fuchs

engine tester

Some iPhone owners have found ways to turn their device into a productivity tool. A new app on the scene, The Engine Tester, is looking to bring the iPhone to the garage to help drivers keep their car(s) running smooth.


Wallpaper Weekends: Bring Star Wars Fan Art To Your Mini

Posted on 19/01/2013 by Jim Gresham


Wallpaper Weekends is a series that works to bring you stunning, high quality wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch. Today, we celebrate Star Wars with an excellent TK Stormtrooper and X-Wing trench run walls.


How to Permanently Disable Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion

Posted on 18/01/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Notification Center Disable Thumb

Mountain Lion’s Notification Center is a great feature for many users – but not everyone feels the same way! Some users find the feature annoying, and just want it to die. Fortunately, MacObserver notes there’s a simply way to make that happen by using a quick Terminal command.


Watch an iPad Get Dunked in Liquid Nitrogen…And Survive! (Video)

Posted on 18/01/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

iPad screen break broken shatter

The iPad is a tough device to break. The folks at CNET put it through its paces pretty brutally, dropping it from a height, and even dunking it in liquid nitrogen before dropping it again frozen. Even after all that, while cosmetically it wasn’t good, it still worked perfectly.


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