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Review: NeatReceipts For Mac

Posted on 16/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


Following my recent review of the NeatDesk for Mac, I decided to review its less expensive counterpart designed for mobile professionals – the NeatReceipts for Mac. Read on for my full thoughts.


The iPad Helps Make Disney’s New Fantasyland A Reality

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Screen Shot 2011-08-15 at 2.53.50 PM

If the iPad wasn’t magical and revolutionary before, it certainly is now! Disney is using the iPad to help their “Imagineers” design and implement an upcoming Disney attraction called Fantasyland, which will be located at their Magic Kingdom Theme Park in Florida.


New Safari Extension Replaces Flash Video With HTML 5

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

flash html5

Despite the fact that Adobe’s Flash technology is still very present on the web (and often hard to avoid), users who prefer to keep Flash Player off of their machines have often struggled to find alternative ways to view their content. Fortunately, there’s a new Safari extension in town that may help.


All-New Counter Strike Game To Hit Macs In 2012

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Screen Shot 2011-08-15 at 1.19.14 PM

Fans of the popular Counter-Stroke tactical shooter games will be excited to know that an all-new version of Counter Strike is coming next year – and it will be coming to the Mac!


Milwaukee County Zoo Brings The iPad To Orangutans!

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Orangutan iPad Thumb

The Milwaukee County Zoo likely just made Steve Jobs’ Christmas card list. According to a report from Kotaku, Orangutans at the Milwaukee County Zoo enjoy using apps, playing games, and watching video on the iPad almost as much as we do!


Apple Releases Detailed Sketches Of New “Mothership” Campus

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Steve Jobs Mothership Thumb

As we reported back in June, Apple is planning on building a massive new 20,000-person campus that just happens to look like a space ship, dubbed by many as the “Mothership”. The City of Cupertino has now released detailed sketches and floor plans of the new campus.


Google Gains Over 17,000 Patents In Motorola Mobility Purchase

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Google Loves Motorola

Following our earlier report that Google has just purchased Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion to fuel Android handset development, new information has come to light suggesting that Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility comes with over 17,000 patents that Google can now abuse.


Official Steve Jobs Biography Set For November 21 Release

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Steve Job Biography Thumb

Barnes & Noble’s product listing for the first official biography of Steve Jobs indicates that the book will be available on November 21, 2011. This is exciting news, as the previously announced release date was March 6 of 2012!


Cinemax MaxGo App Sneaks Softcore Porn Past Apple’s Morality Police

Posted on 15/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

MaxGo Icon

Those of you familiar with HBO subsidiary Cinemax’s late-night programming are likely well-aware of the very adult (and perhaps pornographic) nature of that programming, yet the new free Cinemax MaxGo app was nevertheless approved over the weekend, bringing just such content to the iPhone and iPad.


Macbook Pro With Built-in 3G Appears On eBay

Posted on 15/08/2011 by Cormac Moylan


An eBay auction has revealed that four years ago Apple flirted with the idea of adding 3G support to their Santa Rosa range of Macbook Pros. 3G support would allow you add a SIM card to your Macbook Pro and browse the web without the need for a local WiFi network.


Google Buys Motorola For $12.5 Billion To Add To Android Arsenal

Posted on 15/08/2011 by Cormac Moylan


Google has purchased mobile company Motorola for $12.5 billion. This move brings Google closer to producing Smart Phones instead of just powering the OS through Android. Google’s Larry Page released a statement stating that they intend to “supercharge the entire Android ecosystem”.


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