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How to Remove a Credit Card From an iPhone Completely

Posted on 18/02/2018 by Staff


For most iPhone users, having their credit card details saved on their device is inevitable. The benefits seam to outweigh the risks and when managed correctly, it’s easier to perform any of these tasks below: Download apps and or make…


MacTrast Deals: DEVONthink Pro for Mac

Posted on 18/02/2018 by Chris Hauk

DEVONthink Pro for Mac stores your information in one easy-to-backup database and presents it to you in ways optimized to your work style.


Apple Glasses: AR Revolution in the Making

Posted on 17/02/2018 by Staff


Don’t call it a paradigm shift unless it’s truly revolutionary to our day-to-day lives. While we own more display screens than ever before, the convergence of connected devices is happening fast. Your AirPods integrate into you iPhone quite nicely. The…


Apple Responds to HomePod ‘White Ring’ Issue

Posted on 16/02/2018 by Chris Hauk

Apple has published a support article in response to issues customers are experiencing with their new HomePod speaker leaving white rings on certain wood surfaces.