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Guy Kawasaki: From Apple Employee To Fandroid

Posted on 11/12/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


Guy Kawasaki became known as one of the marketing team for the Macintosh back in 1984, but a year ago, he switched to Android. And he’s never looked back. It’s a remarkable transformation, and he even went as far as stating that ‘real men use Android’ and that nowadays it is Android not Apple that symbolizes ‘think different’.


iPad Destroys the Competition in Battery Life Shootout

Posted on 07/12/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


In the increasingly competitive tablet world, Apple’s iPad maintains a strong edge over its competitors for a number of reasons – and according to U.K. site Which?, you can now add one more reason to the list – over a third better battery life than Android tablets!


Google Play Revenue Up 311%, iTunes App Store Still Leader

Posted on 30/11/2012 by Chris Hauk


Google Play continues to see strong growth, as its revenue is 311% higher than last year. This is according to a new study by App Annie Intelligence. However, Apple’s iTunes App Store made four times as much revenue over the same period.


Facebook Urging Employees To Switch To Android

Posted on 26/11/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill

Android Apple Thumb

We’ve heard a lot about companies handing out iPhones or iPads to their employees, but what about going the other way? Well, one pretty big fish has been encouraging its employees to switch to Android: Facebook.


Apple and Samsung to Add Devices, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean to Patent Suit

Posted on 16/11/2012 by Chris Hauk


In an order handed down on Thursday, U.S. Judge Paul S. Grewal granted requests from both Apple and Samsung to add additional products, such as the flagship Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 5 handsets, to their patent dispute which is scheduled to begin hearings in 2014.


iOS Devices Make up 60% of Video Traffic on the Web

Posted on 14/11/2012 by Chris Hauk


Even though Android has a seeming lock on the smartphone market, and has made inroads in video traffic, a study from Freewheel today shows that iOS still makes up 60% of the mobile video traffic on the web.


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