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MacTrast Deals: 6-Ft MFi-Certified iOS & Android Convertible Charging Cable

Posted on 19/12/2014 by Chris Hauk

While most people tend to stay in either the iOS or the Android camp, we know there are a few wild ones out there who can’t keep their hands off every cool device that comes their way. Well for swingers like those, MacTrast Deals has a great deal: The 6-Ft MFi-Certified iOS & Android Convertible Charging Cable. No matter which way you like it, we’ve got a charge for you!


Misfit Announces Budget Priced Misfit Flash Activity Tracker

Posted on 16/09/2014 by Chris Hauk

If you’ve been interested in fitness trackers, but have been turned off by the high-prices, Misfit may have the tracker for you. The company has just announced what may be the most affordable fitness tracker option we’ve seen so far. The Misfit Flash does everything you’d expect from a fitness tracker, but the Flash’s price may surprise you, just $49.99.