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Check Out Live Tile-Style Icons in This iOS 8 Concept Video

Posted on 30/05/2014 by Chris Hauk


Wouldn’t it be great to see the current temperature without having to actually load the damned iOS Weather app? Designer Jay Machalani just posted a concept video that shows how widget and live tiles like those found in Android and Windows Phone, respectively, could improve the iOS 8 experience.


Spotify Says a Hacker Breached Their Systems

Posted on 27/05/2014 by Chris Hauk

Spotify Logo

Spotify announced on Tuesday that their systems had been breached by a hacker who accessed internal company data. The company says that only one of its users’ accounts have been found to have been compromised, (so far), but it is taking steps to ensure all of its customers’ private data remains safe.


Apple iMessage Delivery Issue Aggravated by Server Issue

Posted on 22/05/2014 by Chris Hauk


The well-known problem of iPhone owners switching to another device and then not receiving text messages on their new phone was apparently aggravated recently by a server glitch, says Apple in a statement to Re/Code.


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