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Angry Birds Seasons Gets New ‘Wreck the Halls’ Update

Posted on 02/12/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Rovio’s latest Angry Birds Seasons update has arrived! The latest “Wreck the Halls” update brings 25 new Christmas themed levels, complete with pigs in Santa and elf hats, snow, golden bells, and (of course) presents!


Where Angry Birds Got Its Inspiration

Posted on 14/11/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Angry Birds is certainly popular, but where did Rovio get its inspiration on how to design the birds? This clever image shared by Twitter user @HilzFuld shows the real-life birds that Rovio modeled the game after


Angry Birds Reaches 500 Million Downloads

Posted on 02/11/2011 by Henry Taylor-Gill

Angry Birds developer Rovio has announced that the 500 millionth copy of their popular iOS and Android game has been downloaded. It is the first app ever to pass the half million mark, and is a true milestone for the…


(Video) Robots Can Play Angry Birds Too

Posted on 24/10/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Rovio’s addictive Angry Birds games have certainly become extremely popular among humans, and now it seems that robots are getting in on the action too, as the scientists at Bitbeambot have created a robot for exactly that purpose.


Angry Birds Seasons Gets New Halloween Levels!

Posted on 21/10/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Rovio has just updated Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Seasons with 30 new Halloween-themed levels, featuring a new orange bird, as well as skeletons, pumpkin patches and exploding jack-o-lanterns, all lit by a full moon and the eerie glow of old-fashioned lanterns.


The Angry Birds Effect

Posted on 13/09/2011 by Jim Gresham

Since its release, Angry Birds, by Rovio, has dominated the top download charts on the App Store, but just how long can this avian app soar among the top 5? Sure, who doesn’t want to smash, crash, and blow their way through a snarky, giggling group of pigs, but what is baffling, is there are so many people still downloading this app.


The Truth About Angry Birds Addiction (Infographic)

Posted on 12/09/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

As Angry Birds continues to become increasing popular, its addictive nature becomes more and more apparent. Not to worry, though: If you’re an Angry Birds addict, you’re certainly not alone, and the folks at AYTM have provided an info-graphic to illustrate the hard facts.


Angry Birds Seasons Gets New Moon Festival Levels

Posted on 05/09/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Rovio has just released a new updated for Angry Birds Seasons that brings a new set of levels inspired by the Moon Festival.The update adds 30 new levels, including a special mooncake level!


Fan Builds Entire Angry Birds Set Out Of LEGO Bricks

Posted on 29/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

It seems like I’m constantly hearing about new Angry Birds-related projects, videos, or oddities. The one I am about to show you, however, might be the coolest of all – every Angry Bird (and a slingshot) made entirely out of Legos!


Angry Birds Bra – Why Not?

Posted on 03/08/2011 by Cormac Moylan

I can get Angry Birds iPhone cases, even fluffy cushions, but an Angry Birds bra? Com’on, it’s getting just an incy bit weird.


Twitter + Angry Birds = Angry Tweets

Posted on 01/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler

Ever wondered what Twitter would look like if it were interpreted under the lens of Angry Birds? Fortunately, thanks to the creatibe work of the folks at Cinismo Ilustrado, you don’t have to wonder any longer!