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New Report Claims 4.7-inch iPhone 6 Will Sport a 2,100 mAh Battery

Posted on 06/08/2014 by Chris Hauk


We reported last month on photos of a battery that was allegedly destined for use in Apple’s much-rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6. At the time we mused that the 1,810 mAh capacity of the power cell was merely a modest bump over the current iPhone’s 1,560 mAh capacity.


Report: Apple to Hold iPhone Event on September 9th

Posted on 05/08/2014 by Chris Hauk


Re/Code reports that Apple will launch its next-generation handset, the iPhone 6, at a big event to be held on September 9th. The Cupertino firm is reported to have scheduled a big media event for that day, and that timeframe has usually been reserved for iPhone announcements. Sales of the device will likely begin on Friday, September 19th.


Apple Sapphire Plant Nears Completion, Readying for Mass Production

Posted on 05/08/2014 by Chris Hauk


GT Advanced Technology’s fiscal report for the second quarter of 2014 says its massive sapphire glass production plant in Mesa, AZ is nearing completion, indicating that the company’s joint venture with Apple is just about ready to start mass production of the tough glass in the near future.


WSJ: Samsung SoC Profits Outlook Gloomy as Apple May Shift A8 Chip Production

Posted on 05/08/2014 by Chris Hauk

A7 Thumb 1

Samsung has long been the sole supplier of Apple’s custom A-Series chips that power the Cupertino firm’s popular iPad and iPhone devices. However, a recent report from the Wall Street Journal says that is changing, as the South Korean firm has signaled that the outlook for its System on a Chip business is bleak.


Apple Seeds iOS 8 Beta 5 to Developers

Posted on 04/08/2014 by Chris Hauk


Apple has seeded Beta 5 of their iOS 8 mobile operating system to developers today. The new seed comes exactly two weeks following the release of the fourth beta.


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