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Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 6

Posted on 08/06/2016 by Chris Hauk


Apple has released a new version (6) of the Safari Technology Preview. The experimental browser, which first debuted on March 30 offers users the ability to test features that may eventually be included in the release version of the Safari web browser.


Apple Gives WWDC iOS App New Look, Adds an Apple TV Version

Posted on 03/06/2016 by Chris Hauk


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2016 is set to kickoff on June 13, and as usual, the company has dusted off their WWDC iOS app and given it a bit of a remodel. The app, which offers live streaming support from the event, also adds a new version, designed for the fourth-generation Apple TV.


Apple Catches a Break in its Patent Battle With Smartflash

Posted on 03/06/2016 by Chris Hauk


Bloomberg reported on Thursday that a trio of panel judges with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office have found that two patents Smartflash used to obtain a $532.9 million patent verdict rendered in February 2015 against Apple shouldn’t have been issued at all.


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