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Weekend Funnies: The Internet Has Fun With “Bendgate”

Posted on 28/09/2014 by Chris Hauk


Apple took a few jabs from the Internet this week over the “bendability” of the iPhone 6 Plus. Even though Consumer Reports finally weighed in by showing that the new “HUGE!” iPhone was just as durable as competitor’s handsets, that didn’t stop competitors – and even brewers and candy bar makers – from taking a jab or two.


Apple Says Most Users Not Vulnerable to Shellshock – But a Patch is On The Way For Advanced Users

Posted on 26/09/2014 by Chris Hauk

apple security hole

Apple on Friday attempted to reassure OS X users who felt they were at risk from a widespread security flaw in the UNIX command interpreter bash – which is a part of Apple’s UNIX-based Mac operating system – telling them that most users aren’t at risk, and a patch will be available soon for advanced users who might actually be exposed to the risks of the vulnerability.


The First of The HealthKit-Connected Apps Shows Up In The App Store

Posted on 26/09/2014 by Chris Hauk


The FUBAR’ed public launch of iOS 8.0.1 was supposed to enable the release of HealthKit connected apps in Apple’s App Store. Now that Apple has finally gotten it right with iOS 8.0.2, we’re seeing the first of the HealthKit-enabled apps beginning to show up.


Mac mini May Finally See an Update in October

Posted on 25/09/2014 by Chris Hauk

Mac Mini thumb

The Mac mini has long appeared to be Apple’s “redheaded step-child,” as it has been almost two years since the little computer that could has seen any kind of update. Now a new report says the Mac mini may finally get some update love come October.


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