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Apple To Reduce Thickness Of Backlit Keyboard In 2013?

Posted on 27/09/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Apple has seemingly put a lot of focus into making it’s products thinner and lighter, especially with the latest iPhone, and if a report from Digitimes is to be believed, it could also be reducing the thickness of the backlighted keyboard in the Macbook Pro and Air as soon as 2013.


13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Displays Already in Production

Posted on 27/08/2012 by Chris Hauk


An analyst citing sources in the upstream supply chain, says that a display intended for a rumored 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display is now being produced, and initial output is expected to be higher than the current 15-inch version.


Linux and Retina Macbook Pro Don’t Mix

Posted on 17/08/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


If you’ve bought a Retina Macbook Pro in the hope that you can install Ubuntu (or another Linux OS) on it, then put it straight back in the box and try and get a refund. It ain’t gonna work as Phoronix discovered, even if you know what you’re doing.


Google Chrome Gets MacBook Pro Retina Display Update

Posted on 01/08/2012 by Chris Hauk

Chrome Thumb

Google Chrome users, if you happen to also be one of the proud owners of a Retina Display MacBook Pro, you’ll want to make sure to update Chrome, as it has been updated to take advantage of the gorgeous Retina graphics display on your prized possession.


EPEAT Reassessing Ultrathin Laptop Rating Methods

Posted on 19/07/2012 by Chris Hauk


EPEAT announced on Wednesday that the organization will be reassessing how it rates ultrathin laptops like Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Apple or its products weren’t specifically mentioned in the announcement.


June 2012 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Software Update Released

Posted on 18/07/2012 by Chris Hauk

Software Update Thumb

Apple has released a software update for June 2012 models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The update is a bug fix that improves compatibility with some USB devices, and fixes an issue that can lead to increased CPU power consumption.


Retina MacBook Pro Runs Cool And Silent

Posted on 25/06/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill

MacBook Pro Retina Thumb

One thing Apple put quite a lot of emphasis on in their keynote unveiling the Retina MacBook Pro was the asymmetric fan, which supposedly runs much more silently than the traditional fan and also moves more air. Japanese site IT Media decided to put this to the test with a thermal camera costing nearly $25,000, and got some pretty impressive results.


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