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Lost for 3 Decades, the ‘Steve Jobs Time Capsule’ is Found

Posted on 23/09/2013 by Chris Hauk


It was 1983, the close of the International Design Conference in Aspen, Colo. A time capsule, officially known as the Aspen Time Tube was buried. Over time the time capsule became known as the ‘Steve Jobs Time Capsule’ due to the inclusion of a mouse Steve Jobs had used with his Lisa computer during a presentation.


The Steve Jobs ‘Boom': A Tribute (Video)

Posted on 30/07/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Steve Jobs Apple Thumb

Steve Jobs had a number of keynote taglines, ‘but there is one more thing’ being the most famous. However he also had a tendency to say ‘boom’ a lot when giving demos, as this awesome compilation shows.


Kanye West: ‘I am the Steve Jobs of Internet, Downtown, Fashion, Culture’

Posted on 12/06/2013 by Chris Hauk

Kanye Thumb

Kanye West’s interview with The New York Times is a extensive look into an artist who is not afraid to say what he thinks, and one who is certainly not lacking in self-confidence. West says that he’s “undoubtedly” the “Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture,” referring to late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.


Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Film to Finally Debut August 16th

Posted on 12/06/2013 by Chris Hauk

Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs Thumb

“Jobs”, which stars Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak, premiered to mixed reviews in January at the Sundance Festival. The film, which had been scheduled for an April 19th release, was then delayed. Now, a report on Wednesday says the biopic will finally debut on August 16th in the U.S.


In His Own Words: Why Steve Jobs Decided to Create the iPad

Posted on 31/05/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Steve Jobs iPad

Despite initial criticism (albeit brief) when the iPad was first released, there can be no doubt that the device has been insanely successful – it effectively created today’s entire tablet market! But what exactly inspired Jobs to create the iPad?


How Steve Jobs Felt About Products Like Google Glass (Circa 2007)

Posted on 20/05/2013 by J. Glenn Künzler

Google Glasses Thumb

With all of the talk around wearable computing lately, most notably Google’s Project Glass, many might wonder how Steve Jobs would have felt about Google Glass, and the potential for Apple to enter that market with a competing product. Jeff Soto recalls a moment from his time as an Audio Test Engineer at Apple that could provide some food for thought


Funny Or Die Steve Jobs Movie Released

Posted on 17/04/2013 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Funny or Die has finally released its movie on Steve Jobs, starring Justin Long (who played the Apple guy in the commercials) and directed by Ryan Perez.


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