iPhone 5 To Gain Artificial Intelligence?

iPhone 5 To Gain Artificial Intelligence?

An exciting report comes to us from TechCrunch, who claims that, in addition to iOS 5 not being released until fall, iOS 5 will gain advanced integration of Siri artificial intelligence technology, enabling deep, thorough voice control and intelligent searching.

From MG Seigler of TechCrunch:

A year ago, Apple bought Siri, a virtual personal assistant startup that had released a very cool iPhone app. The Siri team and technology are now said to be a big part of iOS 5. The use of Siri’s artificial intelligence and assistance technology is said to be deeply integrated into the OS for all the different services offered. And the team is now putting the finishing touches on the elements that will be demoed at WWDC, we hear. This tech may also be opened to developers for use in third-party apps — though that information isn’t quite as concrete.

Although this is ultimately a rumor, I’m going to go ahead and place this in the “likely” category, as all the pieces are possible, and Apple would be silly to let their Siri purchase go to waste – only time will tell how awesome the new features will be, but from our standpoint…they’re gonna be pretty freaking awesome.

Via AppleInsider